Activate OnLine Access

Hello and welcome to The Granite Group Online!

Activating your account for OnLine Access provides secure access to account information, pricing, product availability, wish lists, order entry, submitting quotes and much more. Completing the form below will activate your account for OnLine access by creating your first administror user. Then, setup as many users as you need, including additional administrators.

Please allow up to 48 hours for the account review and set up process. You’ll receive a welcome email with your admin user information once the process is complete.

Please note: By requesting an online access, you are acknowledging that you are the principal owner of the requested company’s Granite Group account or acting on their behalf. If this is the first account to be set up it will be set up as an administrative user with the ability and responsibility to setup and manage additional users. If an administrative user already exists for this account this request will be redirected to that user for setup.