Q313A1139/U Honeywell 35" 750 Millivolt Thermopile Generator With Clip

HONQ313A1139 MFG #: Q313A1139/U
  • Manufacturer Name: Honeywell
  • Description
  • Documents
  • Specifications
  • Thermopile Generator
  • Temperature Measuring Range 780 Deg F (Cold), 1400 Deg F (Hot)
  • Length 35"
  • Connection Type Spade Terminal
  • Application Pilot Burner
  • Approval CSA
  • Voltage Measuring Range 600 to 750 Millivolt
  • Resistance 2.89 Ohm
  • Includes Push-In-Clip
Q313 Thermopile Generator Contains Multiple Thermocouples Connected in Series to Increase the Mill Volt Output; The Power Generated is Sufficient to Operate an Automatic Mill Volt Gas Control System, Independent of any Outside Power Source; Push-In Clip, Split Nut and Adapter Assembly for Easy Pilot Burner Installation; Spade or Quick-Connect Terminals Available for Mill Volt Gas Control Connections; Male Nut Connector for Pilot Stat Safety Control Power Units