LF70A Watts 3/4" Sweat Lead Free Brass Hot Water Extender Mixing Valve With Dial Cap 120-160F

WATLF70A MFG #: 0559133
  • Manufacturer Name: Watts
  • Description
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  • Specifications
  • Lead free brass body construction
  • Thermostat assembly is easy to maintain, remove and replace
  • Solder connections
  • Dial adjustment cap
This 3/4 inch hot water extender mixing valve is designed for domestic water supply systems and recommended for tankless heater, water heater, and solar applications installed at or near the boiler or hot water heater. It consists of a lead free brass body, solder connections, thermostat, stainless steel springs, and dial adjustment cap. The hydraulically operated thermostat opens a spring loaded check in the cold water inlet which allows cold and hot water to mix and can be replaced as a unit. The temperature range is 120 to 160 degrees F (49 to 71 degrees C).