25551 Rectorseal 1/2 Pt No. 5 Pipe Thread Sealant

REC25551 MFG #: 25551
  • Manufacturer Name: Rectorseal
  • Description
  • Documents
  • Specifications
  • Pipe Thread Sealant
  • Applicable Standard UL, UL (Canada), UPC, CSA, NSF 61, IAPMO 1282, ANSI LC 7
  • Type Diacetone Alcohol
  • Container Type Brush Top Can
  • Container Capacity 1/2 Pint
  • Color Yellow
  • Pressure Rating 2600 PSI Gas, 12000 PSI Liquid
  • Temperature Rating -40 to 125 Deg F
  • Application Pipe
  • VOC 317 Gram per Liter
  • Specific Gravity 1.38
  • Flash Point 150 Deg F
  • Boiling Point 322 Deg F
  • Package Quantity 24 per Case
  • Warranty 2 Year Shelf Life
Rectorseal No.5 Pipe Thread Sealant is a Soft-Set, Slow Drying Compound which Seals, Lubricates, and Protects Threaded Pipe and Fittings; It Can be Pressurized Immediately for Piping up through 2 Inch and 100 PSI(for Natural Gas, Air and Water Only) and is Ideal for Application with a Wide Variety of Fluids and Gases, Including Potable Water Applications; Recommended for Use on Threaded Galvanized Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, Fiberglass Reinforced and PVC Pipe; Not Recommended for Use with ABS, CPVC Pipe or Oxygen, Chlorine and Other Oxidizers; Thread Sealant Withstand the Test Of Time in a Variety of Uses and is Widely Known as the "Standard of the Industry; Rectorseal No.5 is a Soft Setting, Slow Drying Thread Sealant Made from Special Inert Fillers Dispersed in an Oleoresinous Base; Will Not Dry Out in the Can; Smooth Easy Application; Economical - Requires Only a Small Amount; Lead Free and Contains No Other Metals; Brushable from 20 Degree F to 140 Degree F; Multipurpose Wide Range of Service Uses; Permits Easy Break Out with No Damage to Threads; Reduces Friction to Allow Tighter Joint Makeup; 2 Year Shelf Life Warranty