197488 IPEX 3" CPVC 636 194F Max Hub X Hub X Hub Flue Gas Vent Tee

3CPVC636T MFG #: 197488
  • Manufacturer Name: IPEX
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Fully certified as a complete pipe, fittings and cement system
  • CPVC is rated up to 90 Degree C (194 Degree F)
  • No mixing clause of ULC S636 ensures full compatibility of all pipe, fittings and cement
  • Installer training available
System 636 CPVC is a fully certified flue gas vent system consisting of pipe, fittings, cements, and accessories certified to ULC 636. Since the inception of System 636, IPEX has made numerous product line additions and extensions to now offer the most complete product offering in the market. Also, System 636 is very professionally represented by IPEX with sales, technical, code issues and training support. Front and center to aid installers and inspectors is the System 636 Installation Guide. The contents of this guide are part of the certification process and contain many important aspects of installation to ensure successful, code compliant installations. Issues addressed in the Guide include support spacing, expansion and contraction, solvent cementing procedures and special installation and terminations.