7505B1500U Beckett GeniSys Advanced Oil Burner Primary Control 15 Second Lockout No Delay

BEC7505B1500U MFG #: 7505B1500U
  • Manufacturer Name: Beckett
  • Specifications
  • Documents
  • Description
  • Burner Control
  • Flame Establishing Period 15 Second (Pre-Time)
  • Pilot Type Intermittent, Interrupted
  • Voltage Rating 102 to 132 Volt AC at 60 Hertz
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 150 Deg F
  • Application Boiler, Furnace and Water Heater
  • Approval UL 372, UL 1998, CSA B140
  • Lockout Time 15 Second
  • Current Rating 100 Milliamp (Plus Burner Motor/Ignitor/Valve Loads)
  • Motor Rating 120 Volt AC, Motor FLA 10 Amp, Motor LRA 60 Amp
  • Ignitor Rating 120 Volt AC, 3 Amp at 0.7 PF Minute
  • Solenoid Valve Rating 120 Volt AC, 1 Amp at 0.7 PF Minute
  • Thermostat Anticipator Current Rating 0.1 Amp
  • Thermostat Voltage Rating 24 Volt AC
  • Warranty 5 Year
The Beckett Genesis Advanced Burner Control is a 120 Volt Ac Primary Safety Control for Residential and Light Commercial Oil Burners Used in Boiler, Furnace, and Water Heater Applications; The Genesis is Used with a Suitable Cad Cell Flame Sensor to Control the Oil Burner Motor, Ignitor and Optional Solenoid Valve; It has 24 Volt Ac Thermostat Inputs Compatible with Both On/Off and Power Stealing Thermostats; It can Provide Interrupted or Intermittent Duty Ignition, and has a 15-Second Lockout Time; Thermostat and Boiler Control Compatible; Programmable Valve-On Delay and Motor-Off Delay; Three Indicator Lights for System Monitoring and Diagnostics; Two Communication Ports for Adding Alarm Contacts, Programming Display, And/or Future Wireless Communications; Welded Relay Protection with Redundant Motor Relays; Limited Reset and Limited Recycle; Sleek, Modern Design; Technician Pump Prime Mode; 18 Months Warranty