PF20322U Beckett 1 Stage Clean Cut Fuel Pump 3450 RPM

BECPF20322U MFG #: PF20322U
  • Manufacturer Name: Beckett
  • Specifications
  • Documents
  • Description
  • Hydraulic Data/Solenoid Valve Clean Cut Oil Pump
  • Type Clean Cut Oil Pump
  • Used On Hydraulic Data/Solenoid Valve
  • Approval UL, CUL
  • Hydraulic Nozzle Pressure 100 to 200 PSI
  • Speed Rating 3600 RPM
  • Breakaway Torque 36" Oz
  • Voltage Rating 24, 110 to 120/200 to 240 Volt AC at 50/60 Hertz, 12 Volt DC
  • Power Consumption 9 Watt
  • Ambient Temperature 46/115 Deg F
  • Inlet Pressure Rating 10 PSI
  • Return Pressure Rating 10 PSI
  • Without PD Timer
The New Beckett Clean Cut Pump Developed as a Joint Effort with Suntec Industries Combines the Clean Burning Benefit's of a Solenoid Valve with the Hefty Lift Capabilities of Traditional American Pumps; The Solenoid Valve Cuts Oil Flow Almost Instantly when Power is Cut to the Motor, Eliminating Coasting Stops that can Cause Soot Formation on Shut-Down; There are Fewer Moving Parts, Compared to Conventional Pumps and Fewer Troublesome Oil Fittings to Cause Problems; Configurations Using an External Valve Deadhead Pressure Against the Valve During Start-Up, Increasing Load on the Motor; The Unique Design of the Clean Cut Pump Delivers up to 4 Gallons Per Hour at 100 PSI; Leak-Through Protection; Without Pd Timer