404271 Bell & Gossett 1" In-line Float And Thermostatic Trap (15PSI)

BG404271 MFG #: 404271
  • Manufacturer Name: Bell & Gossett
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Automatic and continuous elimination of condensate and air at steam temperature increases system efficiency. Float and thermostatic traps operate on the density principle. A thermostatic vent in the top of the trap allows free passage of air during start-up, and closes near saturation temperature. Condensate fills a float chamber, causing a float to rise, and through a lever mechanism pulls a valve off its seat and opens the orifice of a discharge valve. The opening and closing of the seat provides modulation to handle light or heavy condensate loads. The discharge valve is under condensate water. The water forms a seal that prevents live steam loss. This also prevents the venting of air and non-condensable gases. The accumulation of air and non-condensable gases causes a significant temperature drop. The thermostatic valve in the top of the trap discharges these gases.
  • Large ports handle high capacities
  • Wide range of seat pressures available – up to 175 psig
  • Durable, cast iron bodies provide long service
  • Stainless steel valve trim, floats and air vents increase service life
  • Series H & I
  • In-line horizontal piping connections simplify installation and maintenance
  • Removable cover for easy in-line maintenance