51300AS Carlin Low Rate Air Intake Assembly With "A" Switch

CAR513OOAS MFG #: 51300AS
  • Manufacturer Name: Carlin
  • Specifications
  • Documents
  • Description
  • Air Pressure Switch Assembly with 50806A Switch
  • Combustion Air Inlet
  • Connecting Flange
  • Cover Seal Kit
  • Air Pressure Switch Wiring Harness
  • 3″ Pipe Elbow w/ Birdscreen
The Carlin CAP System is designed to meet code requirements for combustion air without the need to flood cold, outside air into the basement.The CAP System is designed for Carlin residential oil burners. It may look like a simple outside air kit, but it’s more than that. ‘CAP’ stands for Combustion Air Proving. The CAP System monitors the outside air flowing into the burner cover. If the air should become blocked, the CAP system will safely shut down the burner. This safety mechanism allows the CAP system to meet NFPA code requirements for supplying combustion air to oil burners in most situations.The CAP system installs in minutes on any Carlin residential oil burner. Carlin offers kits for uncovered burners and for burners that already have covers. The installation is quick, with wiring limited to two leads that connect directly to the primary control on the burner. A closer look at the code requirements: NFPA-31 requires all burners installed in confined spaces be provided with combustion air. A confined space is defined as 50 cubic feet per 1000 BTU of burner input. So, an 80,000 BTU boiler -for example – would require 4,000 cubic feet of space for combustion air. If the ceiling height is 8 feet, that would be roughly 22 feet by 22 feet of empty basement. This is why so many inspectors are requiring installation of fan inducers to provide combustion air.But, with the CAP system, there is now a better solution. Recent changes in the code allow for air intake systems that have safeguards that turn the burner off if the incoming air is blocked. With the CAP system, the confined space requirements can be cut in half. So, that 4,000 cubic feet needed for the 80,000 BTU boiler can be reduced to 2,000. For most installations, that will prevent the need to install a fan inducer that brings unwanted cold air into the basement.