CGRDR Cover Guard 4-1/2" Multi Zone Reducer White

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  • Specifications
  • Multi-stage adjustability
  • Quick snap cover that won't pop off
  • Stay-clean peel-n-go film
  • Easy lock adjustable fittings
  • Pre-installed sliding zip-tie clips
  • No rust 1/4 turn cam screws
  • UV resistant
  • Paintable white, brown & gray color options
  • Single and multi-zone applications
The Cover Guard reducer goes from 4.5″ to 3″ system, when transitioning from the multi-zone duct to the 3″ single line hide system zone. Other uses includes connecting to the small flex tube (3CGFLXSM) and the reducer can also be used as an end cap (slightly wider by .5″) with the 4.5″ multi-zone line hide system.