02722701 Fields 6" RC Oil/Coal Draft Control

FIE6RC MFG #: 02722701
  • Manufacturer Name: Field Controls
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Draft Control
  • Type Draft Control
  • Used On Residential and Commercial Oil, Gas/Coal-Fired Heating Equipment
  • Applicable Standard UL (Canada and US)
  • Nominal Size 6"
  • Nominal Capacity 28.3 Sq Inch
  • Overall Dimension 6-5/8" Diameter
  • Warranty 18 Month
For Proper Operation and Efficient Fuel Consumption in Oil, Gas, And/or Coal-Fired Heating Appliances, Draft Must Remain Constant; When it Is, Combustion is more Complete, Fuels are Utilized Efficiently, and Money is Saved; Field Draft Controls Maintain Consistent Draft by Counteracting the Negative Forces Caused by Changes in Temperature and Barometric Pressure as Well as the Effects of Wind; Draft Control Used with Draft Inducers/Power Venter's: with These Devices, Draft is Increased or Created, Causing Fluctuations in Air Flow Through the Combustion Chamber, These Fluctuations can be Negated by the use of a Barometric Draft Control Located Between the Draft Inducer or Power Venter and the Furnace, Boiler, or Water Heater it Services, Power Burners: a Power Burner is Designed so that a Fan Delivers Negative Air Pressure to the Combustion Chamber. a Single Acting Draft Control for Oil Maintains that Negative Pressure, Forced Draft Burner: Forced Draft Installed with a Stack Height in Excess of 30 Ft will Probably Develop Excessive Natural Draft, Reducing the Amount of Pressure Within the Furnace or Boiler, Dual Fuel Appliances: Burners Capable of Burning Either Gaseous Fuels or Oil Should be Equipped with a Barometric Draft Control, Gas-Fired Appliances, Gas-Fired Furnaces and Boilers Generally Require a Double-Acting Draft Control, Like a Single-Acting Control, it Opens Inwardly to Maintain a Uniform Draft, But, Unlike a Single-Acting Control, it is also Free to Open Outwardly to Spill the Products of Combustion, in Case of Blocked Flues or Down-Drafts; 18 Month Warranty