FLAIRPUCK001P Flair Puck Pro WiFi Wireless Thermostat White

  • Manufacturer Name: Flair
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  • Description
  • Monitors room temperature and controls Flair Smart Vents, mini splits, window ACs, and portables
  • Auto Away - saves energy when you are away
  • Adjust the temperature by rotating the Puck - no smartphone required
  • Infrared (IR) control for over 250 brands of mini splits, portables, and ACs
  • Set weekly schedules on a room-by-room basis
  • Puck (Pro Edition) has mirroring and staging features that qualify mini splitsystems for rebates
  • Wireless or wired installation options (first Puck must be wired)
  • Manage remotely from a phone, tablet or desktop
Smart climate-control in every room. Works with Central Systems, Window ACs, Mini Splits-and more. The Puck wireless thermostat automatically adjusts room temperature, observes and keeps track of room conditions, and turns off when you leave. Features easy-to-use controls on our iOS, Android, and web app.