7CS05422C Goulds 1/2 HP 230V 2 Wire 7 Gallon Submersible Pump

GOU7CS05422C MFG #: 7CS05422C
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The Goulds CS Series pumps can be operated continuously without damage to the motor. Its face clearance, floating impeller stack has proven itself for over 50 years as a superior sand handling, durable pump design. Impeller, diffusers and bearing spiders are constructed of glass filled engineered composites, and are corrosion resistant and non toxic. The discharge head and motor adapter is cast 303 stainless steel for strength and durability. Access to the motor is made easy by motor mounting nuts using a standard open end wrench. The stainless steel casing is strong and corrosion resistant. The proprietary, engineered polymer bearing material is strong and resistant to abrasion and wear. The enclosed upper bearing is mounted in a durable noryl bearing spider for excellent abrasion resistance. The Check valve screws into the discharge head from the top, and can be easily removed for drain back systems or replacement without having to disassemble the pump.