59896343 Grundfos UPS15-58FRC Cast Iron Super Brute Circulator Pump 115V 1/25 HP 2450 RPM 3-Speed With Rotated Flange

GRUUPS1558FRC MFG #: 59896343
  • Manufacturer Name: Grundfos
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Circulator Pump
  • Type Wet Rotor, 3-Speed, In-Line
  • Ceramic shaft and radial bearings
  • Carbon axial bearing
  • Stainless steel rotor can and bearing plate
  • Corrosion-resistant impeller, Composite, PES
  • Cast iron pump housing.
UPS Pumps Constitute a Complete Range of 3-Speed Circulator Pumps, Available Both in 50/60 Hertz: The Pumps Can be Used in Both Open and Closed Systems; UPS Pumps are of the Canned-Rotor Type, i.e. Pump and Motor form an Integral Unit without a Shaft Seal and with Only Two Gaskets for Sealing: The Bearings are Lubricated by the Pumped Liquid; UPS Pumps are Designed for Circulation of Liquids in Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems; Pumps with Bronze or Stainless Steel Housings are also Suitable for Use in Hot-Water Service Systems; Examples of Typical Applications are one- and Two-Pipe Heating Systems; Main Pumps; Zone Pumps; Boiler Shunt Pumps; Pumps for Heating Surfaces; Calorifiers; Underfloor Heating Systems; Solar Heating Systems; Heat Pump Systems; Geothermal Heating Systems; Heat Recovery Systems; Two-Pipe Air-Conditioning Systems; Pumps for Refrigeration Units; Maintenance-Free; Low Noise; Low Energy; Complete Range; Available with Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel or Bronze Pump Housing; Wide Range of Accessories; 36 Month Limited from Date of Manufacture Warranty