1.10 60 Degree SS Semi-Solid Oil Burner Nozzle

HAG1.1060SS MFG #: 030G6722
  • Flow Rate: 1.10 GPH
  • Manufacturer Name: Hago
  • Spray Angle: 60 Deg
  • Spray Pattern: SS, Semi-Solid
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Light and heavy fuel
  • Nozzle tip and disc AISI 416 grade stainless steel filters size dependent
Hago oil nozzles are designed for domestic and commercial high pressure oil burners operating with light or heavy fuel. An optimal combustion process is only achieved by a perfect match between nozzle capacity and spray pattern, air supply and air distribution and the design of combustion chamber. Danfoss Hago offers a very broad range of nozzles with different capacity and spray patterns, which means that it is possible to cover all demands in the market.