45333 Hercules 12" X 10" Pre-Moistened Hand Wipes 70 Count

HER45333 MFG #: 229110
  • Manufacturer Name: Hercules
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  • Easily remove industrial paints, epoxy and polyester resin, lubricants, adhesives, tar, printers inks, sealants, grease,oil, grime, caulk and flux
  • Softens and removes plastic pipe cements
  • Non-abrasive material does not irritate hands
  • aloe vera, vitamin E and lanolin moisturizers leave hands soft and smooth
  • Formulated for and preferred by plumbers
  • Big enough to do the job right: 12" X 10" towels
  • Contains no harsh solvents
  • Can also be used to clean surfaces such as steel, aluminum, laminates, wood and others
  • Will no leave scrates or marks on surfaces
Hercules For Hands Hand Cleaning Towels require no water, scrubbing or rinsing, and they dry immediately with no residue. Towels are manufactured of high-strength, non-woven cloth saturated with a mild, but heavy duty cleaning liquid.