L6006C1018/U Honeywell Strap-On Aquastat 65-200F

HONL6006C1018 MFG #: L6006C1018/U
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  • Specifications
  • Temperature Controller
  • Bulb Type Copper
  • Voltage Rating 120 to 240 Volt AC
  • Minimum AC Voltage Rating (V) 120 Volt
  • Maximum AC Voltage Rating (V) 240 Volt
  • Minimum DC Voltage Rating (V) 0.25 Volt
  • Maximum DC Voltage Rating (V) 12 Volt
  • Operating Temperature 65 to 200 Deg F
  • Size 2" Width x 2-3/4" Depth x 5-5/8" Height
  • Mounting Horizontal/Vertical/Strap-On
  • Application Boiler, Storage Tank, Duct, Circulator
  • Approval UL, CSA, AGA
  • Contact Rating 5.1 Amp at 240 Volt AC, 8 Amp at 120 Volt AC (Full Load)
  • 30.6 Amp at 240 Volt AC, 48 Amp at 120 Volt AC (Locked Rotor), 0.25 Amp at 0.25 to 12 Volt DC
  • Differential Temperature 5 to 30 Deg F Adjustable
  • Operating Pressure 255 PSI (Immersion Well), 200 PSI (Direct Immersion)
  • Switching Action SPDT
  • Bulb Size 3/8" x 2-7/8"
  • Capillary Length 3"
  • Includes Stop Factory Set at 200 Deg F
  • Packaging Quantity 100
  • Weight 1.2 Lb
Aquastat Controllers are Immersion Type Devices for Limiting or Regulating the Temperature of Liquids in Boilers, Storage Tanks and other Applications Where Temperature Control is Required; Totally Enclosed Micro Switch Snap-Acting Switches Operate on Temperature Rise to Set Point; Visible Control Point Scale and External Adjustment Screw Permit Easy Setting; Horizontal or Vertical Insertion of the Sensing Element; Direct, Well Immersion or Surface Mounting of the Sensing Element Available; Remote Bulb Model may be Used to Sense Air Temperature in Ducts and in Outside Air Sensing Applications; Direct or Well Immersion Trade Line Models Include Heat-Conductive Compound; Select Models have Wells; L6006 Models are Available for Insertion in Vertical or Horizontal Immersion Well, Vertical or Horizontal Direct Immersion and Surface Mounting; Models Calibrated for High Limit use are also Suitable for Low Limit Control if a Separate High Limit Controller is Used