VXT-24 Hydrolevel HydroStat Automatic Programmable Water Feeder 24V

HYDVXT24 MFG #: 45-026
  • Description
  • Documents
  • Specifications
  • Boiler Water Feeder
  • Item Water Feeder
  • Type Probe, Float
  • Applicable Standard UL
  • Actuation Type Automatic
  • Flow Rate 1 GPM
  • Switch Type DIP
  • Input Supply Rating 24 Volt AC at 60 Hertz
  • Temperature Rating Maximum 150 Deg F (Fluid)
  • Media Handled Steam
  • Inclusions/Features Digital Feed Counter, Feed Indicator, Manual Feed Button
  • Application Residential
  • Ambient Temperature Rating 100 Deg F
  • Power Consumption 10 VA
Universal Compatibility-The Vat Feeder can be Used with Virtually any Probe or Float-Type Low Water Cut-Off; Digital Feed Counter-Continually Tracks and Displays the Amount of Make-Up Water Fed Into the Boiler, Essential for Diagnosing System Leaks that can Severely Shorten the Life of the Boiler; Call-For-Feed Indicator Illuminates During Feed Signal from the Lwco; Programmable Feed Delay Settings (30 Sec. to 10 Min) Helps Prevent Flooded Boilers, Allows Time for Condensate to Return to Boiler Before Initiating Feed Cycle, Ensuring that Additional Water is Needed; Programmable Feed Amount Settings (Lwco and 1-5 Gal)-With the Lwco Setting Selected, the Vat Raises the Water Level to Low Water Cut-Off; The 1 to 5 Gallon Settings can be Selected to Fine-Tune the Vat to Restore the Normal Operating Water Level Above the Low Water Cut-Off; Manual Feed Button-Allows for Manual Feeds with the Touch of a Button; Underfeed Protection-If One Feed Cycle is Not Sufficient to Restore Boiler Operation, the Vat will Delay and Feed One Additional Cycle; Lock-Out Flood Protection-Locks-Out After Two Consecutive Feed Cycles to Prevent Flooding; Upon a Feed Signal from Low Water Cut-Off, the Vat Feeder Delays (From 30 Seconds to 10 Minutes) to Allow Condensate to Return to Boiler; If Make-Up Water is Required After the Delay Period, the Vat will Initiate a Feed Cycle; The Vat can be Set to Feed to the Level of the Low Water Cut-Off or can be Set from 1 to 5 Gallons to Raise the Water Level Above the Cut-Off to the Normal Operating Level; The Digital Feed Counter Tracks all Water Fed Into the Boiler Including Water Added Using the Manual Feed Button