437349 IPEX Enpure 4" PP Cobra Pipe Clip

IPE437349 MFG #: 437349
  • Hanger Size: 4"
  • Manufacturer Name: IPEX
  • Material: Polypropylene
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Enpure proves itself as the superior high purity system manufacturing industries and research facilities are increasingly requiring high purity water systems that will meet the stringent requirements of their operations. Whether the application is for ultra pure water or for transporting chemically pure agents of foodstuffs, water purification technologies such as distillation, de-ionization, reverse osmosis and filtration eliminate a variety of impurities such as bacteria, particulates and both organic and inorganic contaminants. The purity of a system depends on the leach ability of the material and joining method used to assemble the system. Traditional materials used for handling high purity water have been metal and glass piping. The issue is that metals can exhibit problems with trace metal contamination; and elements such as sodium, boron, silica, lead and arsenic can be leached out of glass piping. Over the past twenty years, advances in thermoplastic technology have enabled the effective use of plastics for high-purity water distribution systems, even in aggressive ultra high purity applications.
  • Enpure is manufactured from special high purity virgin polypropylene materials. No regrind material is used in the manufacturing process, thereby avoiding contamination by colorants or other materials and potential loss of physical properties due to the incorporation of heat stressed materials
  • The inherent abrasion resistance of natural PP allows substantial increases in life expectancy compared to other materials. In many applications, natural polypropylene out-performs other materials such as metals
  • IPEX piping is smooth and has a substantially lower roughness factor than metal and other materials, and since thermoplastics do not rust, pit, scale or corrode, the interior walls remain smooth in virtually any service
  • Our thermoplastic materials are immune to damage from naturally corrosive soil conditions as well as electrochemical or galvanic corrosion. These noncorroding properties extend service life and lower maintenance costs even in below-grade applications
  • Once properly selected for the application and correctly installed, Enpure products provide years of maintenance free service
  • IPEX Enpure natural PP has lower material and installation costs than other comparable materials such as stainless steel or PVDF