438065 IPEX Duratec 3/4" Pipe Clip

IPE438065 MFG #: 438065
  • Hanger Size: 3/4"
  • Manufacturer Name: IPEX
  • Material: Plastic
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Duratec is 75% lighter than the equivalent diameter of copper and SCH 40 carbon steel
  • No special training or equipment is required to complete a Duratec system
  • Duratec pipe comes in convenient 100 ft. and 300 ft. coils eliminating several joints and the need for threading, or soldering
  • Due to Duratec’s advantages over metal systems, it costs you less time, labour and money to keep a Duratec system in optimal condition
  • Less friction means lower pressure drops and higher flow rates. This may allow for smaller pipe sizes to be used
  • All Duratec pipe is packaged in cardboard boxes preventing contamination before use. The smooth PE-RT inner layer cannot rust, corrode or form loose scale. Clean air remains clean throughout the life of the system
Duratec is an innovative compressed air and inert gas distribution system designed to be absolutely leak-proof, installed quickly and easily, and maintained cost-effectively. As a result, Duratec saves you time and money. Traditional metallic compressed air systems are a main cause of unnecessary energy use, excessive wear and tear on compressors and high consumption of compressor oils and filters. The culprits, Corrosion and leakage at pipe joints and fitting connections which often go undetected until they’re discovered during a detailed compressed air system audit. Duratec pipe comes in long 100 foot or 300 foot coils, which significantly reduces the number of joints in your system. Duratec fittings feature unique double o-ring seals to ensure long-term joint integrity. And the entire Duratec system can be easily and quickly installed, modified or expanded without the need for specialized equipment.