48-00-5262 Milwaukee 9" 8TPI The TORCH Saw Blade For Cast Iron And Metal With Nitrus Carbide

MIL48005262 MFG #: 48-00-5262
  • Manufacturer Name: Milwaukee
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • 3X longer life in cast iron than standard carbide blades
  • Cuts hard cast iron and soil pipe
  • Cuts faster than all carbide teeth blades today
  • Ability to cut thick metals: stainless steel, black pipe, angle iron
  • 7TPI design for fast cutting
  • 25% more Nitrus Carbide per tooth
  • 1/2" universal tang
Our TORCH with Nitrus Carbide blade is the fastest cutting and longest life blade in cast iron and thick metals. Our Nitrus Carbide technology dissipates heat better and delivers 5X the life of existing carbide teeth reciprocating saw blades, greatly improving user productivity when cutting through cast iron. Our blade features a new 8TPI design, allowing for the fastest, smoothest cuts in all thick metals. With larger gullets than competitive carbide blades, the TORCH with Nitrus Carbide will provide easier chip ejection and resist gumming up the teeth when cutting the thickest metals. Available in 6” 9” and 12” blade lengths in 1PKs, 3PKs, and 5PKs. This blade has the best performance in all metals 3/16" thick and greater.