48-11-2131 Milwaukee redlithium USB 3.0 Battery

MIL48112131 MFG #: 48-11-2131
  • Manufacturer Name: Milwaukee
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Faster Charging: 3X Faster Charge Time (When Charged With Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Products or redlithium USB Charger)
  • Battery Charge Time is 2 Hrs Inside Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Products or With 48-59-2012 redlithium USB Portable Power Source and Charger
  • Two Year Warranty on redlithium USB Battery
Our redltihium USB 3.0AH battery provides more runtime, longer life, and faster charging. This USB 3.0 battery pack delivers up to 20% more capacity for Milwaukee USB rechargeable solutions compared to the first generation redltihium USB Battery (48-11-2130). With higher capacity, users get longer runtime and more power for performance in every Milwaukee USB Rechargeable solution. Eliminate the need for single-use batteries with these USB rechargeable batteries that deliver more charges for longer life out of a single battery pack. You'll get back to work faster with 3X faster charging times when using a Milwaukee USB rechargeable product or the redlthium USB portable power source & charger (48-59-2012). Our redltihium USB 3.0AH battery is covered by a 2-year warranty.