49-16-2657 Milwaukee M18 3" CTS-Vr1 Press Ring for Forcelogic Tool

MIL49162657 MFG #: 49-16-2657
  • Manufacturer Name: Milwaukee
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • 2-Hinge Design requires less clearance to fit around pipe
  • Up to 10% lighter than the leading competitor
  • Durable Steel Rings and Adapters provide outstanding life
  • Compatible with M18 Force Logic Press Tool
Our 3" CTS-Vr1 Press Ring is optimized for the M18 FORCELOGIC Press Tools. The CTS-Vr1 Press Ring is a more efficient alternative to sweat and solder, enabling you to press connections on copper and copper tube sized (CTS) stainless steel pipe. The jaws and ring jaw connects directly to M18 FORCELOGIC Press Tools, providing you with secure joints in one cycle. The 3" CTS-Vr1 Press Ring combined with M18 FORCELOGIC Press Tools have the lightest in-line design giving you unrivaled access in tight spaces and around installed pipes, providing you with controlled, flameless copper connections for unmatched productivity.