49-16-2772 Milwaukee M18 750 MCM Cable Cutting Jaw

MIL49162772 MFG #: 49-16-2772
  • Manufacturer Name: Milwaukee
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Compatible with M18 Force Logic 6T Crimpers
  • Easy Blade Changes with Hex Key
  • Open Jaw, In-Line Design Easily Fits into Crowded Panels
  • Optimal Blade Geometry Delivers Installaiton Ready Cuts
  • Patented anti-spreading jaw design provides the best power to size ratio in the industry
The Milwaukee M18 750 MCM Cu/Al Jaw produces the fastest installation-ready cuts. The superior blade geometry effortlessly cuts through 750MCM Cu and 1000MCM Al in under 3 seconds. The patented anti-spreading open jaws deliver the most compact 750MCM Cu cutting solution which allows you to cut effortless in the tightest panels without looping.Use with the 2672-21, M18 Force Logic Cable Cutter Kit with 750 MCM Cu Jaws or maximize your versatility by using it with the 2678-22, 2678-22BG, 2678-22O or 2678-22K M18 Force Logic 6T Crimpers.