1036492 45K Downflow FER Gas Furnace 95% AFUE Top Return For Mobile Homes

MILMG2R045T1ABM2 MFG #: 1036492
  • Manufacturer Name: Miller
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  • 100% fired and tested- All units and each component (both mechanical and electrical) are tested on the manufacturing line
  • Clean and quiet operation- Due to the unique design of in-shot burners, location of inducer and use of insulation
  • Fixed 30 second blower delay- At burner start-up assures a warm outlet air temperature at furnace start-up.Adjustable blower off settings (60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds)
  • Fixed 30-second post purge- Increases life of heat exchanger
  • Dependable, hot surface ignitor- Innovative application of silicon nitride type igniter. Utilizes proven Smartlite technology to extend igniter life
  • Tubular primary heat exchanger- Heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger assures a long life
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger- Assures a long life
  • 60 second fixed cooling cycle blower-off delay (TDR)- Increases cooling performance when matched with a Nortek Global HVAC coil
  • Sealed combustion approved for direct vent furnace,category IV venting system- May be vertically or horizontally vented using a two-pipe system for maximum flexibility in installation
  • LP convertible- Simple burner orifice (included w/unit)and gas valve regulator change for ease of convertibility
  • 3 amp fuse protection against low voltage shorts- Protects transformer and control board
  • Low voltage terminal board- For easy field wiring
  • Easy open pawl latch- Secures the door firmly for transit, yet allows easy removal for access
  • Appliance quality door- Protects against rust and other corrosion. Baked enamel finish allows for easy cleaning
  • Fully insulated cabinet- Insures minimized heat loss and quiet operation
  • Color coded wire harness- Designed to fit the components, all with quick-connect fittings for ease of service and replacement
  • Multi-speed ECM blower- Designed to give a wide range of cooling capacities. Switches on PCB, provide ultra easy motor speed selection. 40VA transformer included
  • Diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting without counting flashes- Dedicated light for flame signal strength and 2 lights in combination to indicate all other fault codes with easy to recognize states without counting flashes
The high efficiency downflow gas furnace is designed for all manufactured housing applications. It may be installed in a utility room, or enclosed in a closet. CSA design certified for use in the United States and Canada.