70826 Mill-Rose 1/2" X 1000" Blue Monster Gas PTFE Thread Seal Tape

MR70826 MFG #: 70826
  • Description
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  • Specifications
  • Thread Sealing Tape
  • Item Tape
  • Width 1/2 Inch
  • Thickness 0.004 Inch
  • Length 1000 Inch
  • Material PTFE
  • Temperature Rating -400 to 500 Deg F
  • Pressure Rating 4347 PSI
  • Color Yellow
  • Applicable Standard UL, CSA, T-27730A
  • Density 1.5 Gram per Cubic Centimeter
  • Tensile Strength 10 to 17 Newton per Square Millimeter
  • Application Natural Gas, Propane and Butane Line
Color Coded Yellow for Easy Identification by Gas Companies Worldwide. Full Density. Compatible with a Broad Range of Gases and Liquid. Compatible with a Broad Range of Piping Material. Will Not Harden or Crack on the Joint. Effective Across a Broad Range of Temperature. Acts as a Thread Lubricant and Anti-Seize. Prevents Electrolytic Corrosion of Thread. No Curing Time. Clean. Non-Toxic. Non-Flammable.