164S 1/2 Sweat Liquid Line Filter Dryer 16 CUI

PAR164S MFG #: 450291-001
  • Manufacturer Name: Parker Hannifin
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Refrigeration System Liquid Line Filter Dryer
  • Item Filter Dryer
  • Applicable Standard UL, SMGT/SMGT7-SA1756
  • Size 1/2"
  • Used on Item Refrigeration System
  • Fitting Type ODF
  • End Connection Soldered x Soldered
  • Overall Length 6.08"
  • Shell Diameter 3.03"
Unsurpassed Moisture and Acid Capacities Maximum Filtration Capability for Today's Systems; Compatible with all Commercially Available Refrigerants Including R-410A; Compatible with Mineral Oil, Alkybenzene and Poe Lubricants; Spring Loaded, Molecular Sieve and Activated Aluminum; Solid Copper Odf Solder Fittings and Nickel Plated Steel Sae Fittings; Powder Paint Exterior Coating Surpasses 500 Hour Asti Salt Spray Test to Resist Corrosion; Made in the Usa