50681 Peerless Limit Honeywell 4079B1033 Pressuretrol Controller

PEE50681 MFG #: 50681
  • Manufacturer Name: Peerless
  • Description
  • Specifications
The L4079A,B, and W PressureTrol Limit Controls are high pressure limit switches that break electrical circuits when pressure rises to a preset value. The L4079A and B can be used with steam, air, noncombustible gases, and fluids noncorrosive to the sensing element. L4079W is for use on oil burner systems.
  • L4079A has two ganged spst switches, breaks two circuits (may be both sides of the power supply) simultaneously
  • L4079B has one spst switch
  • L4079W is the same as L4079B but has seals for oil applications
  • Micro Switch snap-acting switches are visible through transparent cover
  • Switches open automatically but must be reset manually
  • Trip-free reset mechanisms do not permit the limiting role of the PressureTrol Control to be defeated by jamming the reset lever
  • Control does not need leveling
  • The L4079 is unaffected by moderate vibration