25431 Rectorseal No. 5 Pipe Thread Sealant 1 Pt

REC25431 MFG #: 25431
  • Description
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  • Specifications
  • Pipe Thread Sealant
  • Applicable Standard UL, UL (Canada), UPC, CSA, NSF 61, IAPMO 1282, ANSI LC 7
  • Type Diacetone Alcohol
  • Container Type Brush Top Can
  • Container Capacity 1 Pint
  • Color Yellow
  • Pressure Rating 2600 PSI Gas, 12000 PSI Liquid
  • Temperature Rating -40 to 125 Deg F
  • Application Pipe
  • VOC 317 Gram per Liter
  • Specific Gravity 1.38
  • Flash Point 150 Deg F
  • Boiling Point 322 Deg F
  • Package Quantity 12 per Case
  • Warranty 2 Year Shelf Life
Rectorseal No.5 Pipe Thread Sealant is a Soft-Set, Slow Drying Compound which Seals, Lubricates, and Protects Threaded Pipe and Fittings. It Can be Pressurized Immediately for Piping up through 2 Inch and 100 PSI(for Natural Gas, Air and Water Only) and is Ideal for Application with a Wide Variety of Fluids and Gases, Including Potable Water Applications. Recommended for Use on Threaded Galvanized Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, Fiberglass Reinforced and PVC Pipe. Not Recommended for Use with ABS, CPVC Pipe or Oxygen, Chlorine and Other Oxidizers. Thread Sealant Withstand the Test Of Time in a Variety of Uses and is Widely Known as the Standard of the Industry. Rectorseal No.5 is a Soft Setting, Slow Drying Thread Sealant Made from Special Inert Fillers Dispersed in an Oleoresinous Base. Will Not Dry Out in the Can. Smooth Easy Application. Economical - Requires Only a Small Amount. Lead Free and Contains No Other Metals. Brushable from 20 Degree F to 140 Degree F. Multipurpose Wide Range of Service Uses. Permits Easy Break Out with No Damage to Threads. Reduces Friction to Allow Tighter Joint Makeup. 2 Year Shelf Life Warranty.