9101P6H Rego 3/4" M.NGT 3/8" M.NPT Service Valve For DOT Containers

REG9101P6H MFG #: 9101P6H
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  • Incorporates integral excess check valve and shut-off valve in one unit
  • Special 1.5 GPM closing flow on select valves provided especially for lift trucks and equipment with smaller engines
  • Double lead stem thread provides faster opening and closing
  • O-Ring stem seal design provides positive seal
  • Tapered and confined seat disc provides positive shut-off
  • Metal-to-metal back seat provides added protection against leakage while the valve is open
  • 9101P6 Series equipped with a 1/4" NPT internal thread for the addition of a liquid withdrawal tube
Designed specifically for vapor or liquid withdrawal service on DOT fork lift containers. Valves with 1.5 GPM closing flow are for use in small and medium size lift truck applications, while those with 2.6 GPM closing flow are for large lift trucks. Since none of these valves have an integral pressure relief valve, they may only be used as an accessory valve on containers that have an independent pressure relief valve sufficient for that cylinders capacity. The integral excess flow valve found in all these service valves helps prevent excessive product loss in the event of fuel line rupture. When installed for liquid withdrawal, the 9101P6 Series has provisions for attachment of a liquid withdrawal tube. The 9101P5 Series must be installed in containers that have provisions for a separate liquid withdrawal. To insure proper functioning and maximum protection for integral excess flow valves, these service valves should be fully opened and backseated when in use.