LV4403B66R Rego Backmount Regulator 2nd Stage 3/4" F.NPT X 3/4" F.NPT 11" w.c. 9"-13" w.c. Vent Over Inlet 935,000 BTU/hr

REGLV4403B66R MFG #: LV4403B66R
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  • Large Vent Helps Prevent Blockage And Has 3/4" F.NPT For Vent Piping
  • With 15 PSIG Inlet Pressure, Regulator Is Designed To Not Pass More Than 2 PSIG With The Seat Disc Removed
  • Incorporates Integral Relief Valves
  • Replaceable Valve Orifice And Valve Seat Disc
  • Straight Line Valve Closure Reduces Wear On Seat Disc
  • Unique Bonnet Vent Profile Minimizes Vent Freeze Over When Properly Installed
  • Large Molded Diaphragm Is Extra Sensitive To Pressure Changes
  • Built In Pressure Tap Has Plugged 1/8" F.NPT Outlet. Plug Can Be Removed With A 3/16" Hex Allen Wrench
  • Select Brown Finish
Designed To Reduce First Stage Pressure Of 5 To 20 PSIG Down To Burner Pressure, Normally 11" W.C. Ideal For Medium Commercial Installations, Multiple Cylinder Installations And Normal Domestic Loads.