PTU-KIT Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Leak Test Kit

  • Manufacturer Name: Rego
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  • PT6800 KGA - 300 Ambient Temperature gauge used for Leak Testing at tank pressure with Presto Tap pigtails, TPF and RegO “Ready to Go” series valves
  • PT30LP-KGA - 30 Gauge for determining stage regulator lock up and along with leak testing
  • PT5-KGA - 5 gauge for determining lock up and on Two Pound Systems
  • PTOZ-KGA - 0-35 inch water column gauge for measuring second stage regulator lock up and along with low pressure leak testing
  • MHA Kit - Adapter used to facilitate use of master manometers (water manometer), heli gauges
  • 3/16”Allen/Hex Key - for plug removal in regulators
  • Universal FlexHose - 36” hose with gauge bleeder and adapters utilized to universally connect with all gauging equipment above and Presto Tap LDS2000/RV product installed in the system
  • LDS2000RV - (6)UL Listed with 54 legal installed at any point in the system
  • Kit Bag - 12” Tool Denier Nylon Tool bag with 8 outer and 15 inner pockets
The RegO Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Kit has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.