PTL Renewaire Percentage Timer For EV Units

  • Manufacturer Name: Renewaire
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Ventilator Percentage Timer Control
  • Type Percentage Timer Control
  • Used On EV90/EV90P/EV130/EV200/EV300 Ventilator
  • Application Residential
  • Application Standard UL (Canada and US), HVI 2100
  • Wire Size 18 to 22 Gauge
Primary Control for RenewAire Residential ERV Models EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200 and EV300. Runs Unit an Adjustable Amount of Time Every Hour. Constant "On" and "Off" Capability. Only Two Low Voltage Control Wires Needed from PTL Back to ERV. Unit Derives Power from Same Two Wire Proprietary Control Connection. Can Accommodate from One to Six PBL.