030 Saniflo Saniplus 18" PVC Extension Pipe For Macerating Toilet

SAN030 MFG #: 030
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Toilet Extension Pipe
  • Item Toilet Extension Pipe
  • Type 2-Way
  • Size 3/4"
  • Used On Item Two Piece Toilet
The 18” Extension Pipe Was Designed with the Idea to Reduce Time when Installing Macerators; It has an Inner Gasket Which Connects to the Rear Spigot of the Toilet without any Difficulty; It's Sealed Connection Keeps Water from Seeping Out Once the Toilet is Flushed; It's Ease of Installation is the Reason Why Installers Recommend This Accessory for any Saniflo Installation; When Using the Extension Pipe, the Toilet Bowl Should be Raised 3/8 Inch for Additional Gravity Flow Toward the Macerator Box