PH0100SIUN23 Sauermann pH Safe 1 Neutralization Cartridge

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Centrifugal Pump Neutralization Cartridge
  • Item Neutralization Cartridge
  • Used On Item Centrifugal Pump
Neutralizes Acidic Condensate Produced by Condensing Boiler and Furnace; PH Safe 1 Neutralization Cartridge is Safe; Easy-to-Install and Eco-Friendly; It is Capable of Neutralizing up to 200 Gallons of Acidic Condensate at PH3; The PH Safe 1 has been Specifically Designed to Treat Condensate; Preserve the Plumbing System and the Environment; Prevent Damage to Concrete and Plastic; Prevent Corrosion on Metal Parts; Easy-to-Install and Replace; Fits Right into the Tank Pump Inlet