696-3 Sioux Chief OxBox 2" Drain Box with Test Cap

SC6963 MFG #: 696-3
  • Manufacturer Name: Sioux Chief
  • Specifications
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  • Frame - Textured and paintable ABS
  • Frame - Single frame for ice maker application
  • Frame - Double frame for washing machine application easily splits for separated box installations
  • Insert - Textured and paintable ABS
  • Insert - Louvered frame insert provides 7.99 in² of free grate area
  • Insert - Solid cover plate provides a clean look for frequently used accessible plumbing valves
  • Outlet Box - Made from tough ABS
  • Outlet Box - Installs directly to stud or by bracket
  • Outlet Box - May be installed with supply from above or below
  • Outlet Box - One-hole boxes for ice maker, toilet, gas and AAV access
  • Two-hole boxes for wash, lav access
  • Outlet Box - Washing machine supply box can be placed above or to the left and to the right of drain box and includes debris cover