696-SC1 Sioux Chief OxBox Solid Frame Insert With Cutout

SC696SC1 MFG #: 696-SC1
  • Manufacturer Name: Sioux Chief
  • Specifications
  • Documents
  • Description
  • Frame – Textured and paintable ABS
  • Frame – Single frame for ice maker application
  • Frame – Double frame for washing machine application easily splits for separated box installations
  • Insert – Textured and paintable ABS
  • Insert – Louvered frame insert provides 7.99 in² of free grate area
  • Insert – Solid cover plate provides a clean look for frequently used accessible plumbing valves
  • Outlet Box – Made from tough ABS
  • Outlet Box – Installs directly to stud or by bracket
  • Outlet Box – May be installed with supply from above or below
  • Outlet Box – One-hole boxes for ice maker, toilet, gas and AAV access
  • two-hole boxes for wash, lav access
  • Outlet Box – Washing machine supply box can be placed above or to the left and to the right of drain box and includes debris cover
Sioux Chief 696 series OxBox frame inserts shall be used where necessary in accessible plumbing applications. Frame inserts shall fit into the frame of any 696 series OxBox outlet box. Louvered frame insert shall allow for air flow to a plumbing device when required. The solid frame insert shall limit access to and conceal the box contents. The solid frame insert with cutout shall allow for supply hoses to be connected to valves inside the box when frame insert is installed.