365758 Sloan ETF740A 6 VDC Solenoid Replacement Kit

SLO365758 MFG #: 365758
  • Manufacturer Name: Sloan
  • Description
The ETF-740 6 VDC faucet solenoid replacement kit for when a facility needs to replace or upgrade their existing solenoid. This ETF-740 faucet solenoid replacement kit (phone jack) jas 3/8” compression to ensure a secure connection. Sloan products are built to withstand the wear and tear that is commonly seen in commercial applications. The solenoid controls the flow of water within the faucet, when a user activates the faucet, the solenoid receives an electrical signal that causes it to open the valve, allowing water to pass through the spout. When the user removes their hands, the solenoid receives a signal to close the valve, shutting off the water flow. The ETF-740 is constructed from brass and ensures a sleek look and strong connection. The ETF-740 is used with the EBF-500 style faucet.