3780037 Sloan 111 DFSM 1.6/1.1 GPF Dual Flush Dual Filtered Fixed Bypass Battery Powered Flushometer Chrome

SLO3780037 MFG #: 3780037
  • Manufacturer Name: Sloan
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  • Non-Hold-Open True Mechanical Override Full Flush/Dual Flush Buttons
  • If the user is present for less than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the small GREEN override button, a reduced flush initiates (1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf) eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving 1/2 gallon of water
  • If the user is present for greater than one minute and leaves the zone or chooses the large BLACK override button, the full flush initiates (1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf) eliminating solid waste and paper
  • Four (4) size C batteries included
  • “Low Battery” Flashing LED
  • “User in View” Flashing LED
  • 72-Hour Sentinel Flush
  • 1” I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek Angle Stop with Vandal Resistant Stop Cap
  • Sweat Solder Adapter w/Cover Tube and Cast Wall Flange with Set Screw
  • No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
  • Handle Packing, Main Seat, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker Molded from PERMEX Rubber Compound for Chloramine resistance
  • ADA Compliant Battery Powered Infrared Sensor for automatic “Hands- free” operation
  • PERMEX Synthetic Rubber Diaphragm with Linear Filtered Bypass and Vortex Cleansing Action
1.6/1.1 gpf, Polished Chrome Finish, 1.5" Flush Connection, Fixture Connection Top Spud, Dual Flush, 1" Inlet, 1" Control Stop, True Mechanical Override, Battery, Infrared, Sloan Exposed Sensor Water Closet Flushometer.