14-210 4oz Paste Soldering Flux

UTI14210 MFG #: 14-210
  • Description
  • Documents
  • Specifications
  • Soldering Flux
  • Type Paste
  • Container Pail
  • Capacity 4 Oz
  • Color Tan
  • Metal Used On Copper, Brass, Galvanized Iron, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Silver, Nickel, Mild Steel, Terne Plate, Malleable Iron
  • Compliant Specification 0-F-506
  • Flash Point 400 Deg F
The Original Self Cleaning, Lead-Free Flux Specially Formulated for Sweat Fitting Work; It Removes Oxidation and Prepares Copper, Lead, Brass, Tin, Stainless Steel, Cast and Wrought Iron for the Proper Bonding of Solder to Metal Assuring Leak-Tight Joints; It Makes the Solder Flow Freely and Tin Perfectly; Its Recommended for All Soft Solder Work, Including 95/5; Meets Federal Specification 0-F-506