What's New

There a couple of things you need to be aware of that are different from our old site:

  • When you sign in your will be asked to select your account (if you have more than one) AND select your ship to. This will set the account and ship to for your session. You can still change them by clicking on your username in the header.
  • On the header, when you change The Granite Group warehouse that you are viewing and ordering from, it will become your default warehouse for your next session.
  • The checkout button is at the bottom of the page on final checkout. There is an "Apply" button but that is for coupons. Which there aren't any of.
  • Lists are now sortable. You will notice a little + sign with arrows on it, you can now drag and drop items in a list to any position you want.
  • List are now also shareable, you can now share your list with others or just send them a copy. Look for more information on this topic soon.
  • There are other changes to but they are not major and are pretty intuitive.

Features and Benefits

The Granite Group OnLine Store has features that are available to anyone viewing the site as well as additional features for users who are signed into the site for access to their Granite Group accounts.

Features for All

  • A rich product catalog including images, spec sheets, install instructions and more.
  • A sophisticated classi­fication system to make navigating products much easier.
  • Filter products by attributes.
  • Robust keyword search to find product faster.
  • Share product information with the share via email feature.

Features for Authenticated Users

  • Searching, viewing and filtering of order history.
  • Customer specific pricing.
  • View product availability in all Granite Group locations.
  • The ability to save shopping carts.
  • Create wish lists.
  • Easily re-order from previous orders.
  • Setup multiple users with different roles of order approval.
  • Submit order or create quotes on line.
  • Manage ship to addresses for on line orders.