What are we working on: 

Delivered 06/06/2019

  • Display company name on the order confirmation email instead of First and Last Name
  • Display placed by on the order confirmation email

Delivered 05/31/2019

  • Continued investigation of search
  • Turned on spelling auto correct in search. This seems to also have some ramification where it is trying to auto correct model numbers or manufacturer names. We are looking into that.
  • Fixed issue with whole order discounts.

In Process

  • Display company name and "Placed By" on the order confirmation instead of the company email.
  • Provide a choice to add items to the top or bottom of the shopping cart.
  • If an order has an OnLine Store promotion, put the promotion name in the header note so that something will display on invoices and pick tickets to acknowledge there were price changes.

Estimating for future releases

  • More Optimize Search
  • Simplify checkout page
  • Return only customer part on customer part number search
  • Ability to add / edit customer part numbers
  • Sort shopping cart
  • Put order number on order confirmation page
  • Enable High to Low Price Search
  • Add auto suggest to the quick order field
  • Add "Purchase Product" to the top of the line items on the check out page.
  • Display pricing for quantity discounts
  • Print My Lists without pictures
  • Add spinny thing for page loading
  • Display "List" price
  • Add a field to search for products on orders
  • Add a "Statements Page" 
  • Add auto suggest to the Orderpad product search
  • Add "Add to Cart" button on order history detail page
  • Microsofts for our customers to allow home owners to shop

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