Help: My Lists

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  • My Lists provides the ability for users to create lists of products that can be used for quick for pricing, re-order or job work.
  • Lists display current price and availability.
  • Anywhere on the site where there is an "Add to Cart" button, there is an "Add to List" button to add the product to a new or existing list.
  • Lists can be private to a single user or shared to other users or everyone in your organization.

Lists are a great way to organize products for:

  • Stock items: Lists can be created for the items in your stockroom. You can drag and drop items in the list to create the same order as the rows, shelves and bins in your stockroom. Simply walk the isle of your stockroom, adding items with low quantities from your list to your cart.
  • Materials: Lists are good for organizing groups of material. Add all the 1 inch copper fittings and pipe to a "1 Inch Copper" list to quickly access those products.
  • Job Work: Create lists for the jobs you do most often like boiler or mini-split installations. Add the equipment and all the accessories to the job list with default quantities. The list will provide total price of the materials which can provide a quick estimate of the job. Add the list to the cart and adjust quantities for the specific job, your list will still be ready for the next job.

Accessing My Lists

My Lists are available from the Navigation Bar under My Account --> My Lists. Note you must be signed in to access the My Lists menu.

my list main menu

The default My List page displays all your lists.

My List Main Page

The above page contains the following elements

  1. The list name, links to the list detail page.
  2. An indicator if the list is private or public.
  3. Search for a list by name
  4. A drop down for sorting the list by
    1. Last Edit
    2. A - Z
    3. Z - A
  5. A "Create List" button that displays the New List form.
  6. An "Add List to Cart" button to add all the items on the list to the shopping cart.
  7. A "Delete List" link that will display a pop-up to confirm list deletion.

There is also a preview of the first three items in the list as well as a total of items in the list. Note that these items display after the page has rendered so they may not appear at first.

My Lists Details Page

From the My List Main Page, click the list name (#1 above).

This will display the "My List Detail" page:

My List Detail Page screen shot

The My Lists detail page contains the following elements, numbered in red in the screen shot above:

  1. The list name and menu options to:
    • Schedule Email Reminder: Send reminders when it's time to reorder this list.
    • Export: Download a CSV text file with columns for - 
      Item # MFG # Quantity Unit of Measure Brand Title Price Notes Added on Added by
    • Copy: Copy the items in the list to a new or existing list.
    • Share the list to individuals, or everyone in your organization as a copy of with access to the list with view or edit (see below for more information).
    • Delete: Delete the list.
    • Edit: the list name and description
  2. List Data and Actions:
    • Total # of items in the list.
    • Total price of all items in the list.
    • Search the list for specific products.
    • Initiate the "Add to List" form (see below for more information).
    • Add all the items in the list to your shopping cart.
  3. Batch Edit, List Sort, and Paging
    • Batch edit, Use the check box next to an item to select the item. This will activate the "Add to Cart" and "Delete" buttons.
    • Sort by, use the drop down to select the sort order of the lists either by last edit of alphabetically ascending or decending.
  4. Sorting, Product Details, Add to cart
    • Click an hold on the grab bars (3a) to drag and drop the item in a new position.
    • Enter the position in the Sort Order input (3b) to place the item in that position.
    • Click the "Done Sorting" link (3c) to save your changes.
    • Product details include total inventory available as well as inventory the selected warehouse. Use the Delete link to remove the item from the list. Use the Add Note link to add a item note to the item in the list.
    • Enter a quantity and click the "Add to Cart" button to add the item to the cart. When in batch mode enter quanties for each item you want to add and use the batch "Add to Cart" button. When an item quantiy is edited a link will appear to save the quantity if desiared. 

Adding Products to Lists

There are several ways to add products to a list.

  1. From product pages. When searching or navigating the site for products anywhere there is an "Add to Cart" button, there is an "Add to List" button
  2. From the shopping cart, there is an "Add All to List" button. This a great way to add products from orders to a list.
    1. Go to Order history
    2. Use the "Reorder" button to add all the line items to the cart.
    3. Go to the shopping cart and use the "Add All to List" button to add the items to a list.
    4. Clear the cart if you no longer want the items in the cart.
  3. From the List Detail page. This is a good way to add items to s specific list if you are familiar with the codes.
  4. Upload a spreadsheet.

From Product Pages:

  1. Anywhere on the site there is an "Add to Cart" button there is a link below the button to "Add to List".
    Add to list button screen shot
  2. Clicking the "Add to List" button will display the "Add to List" form:
    My Lists Add to List form screen shot
    1. Select an existing list from the "Select List" drop down and click the "Add to List" button OR
    2. Select "Create New List" from the "Select List" drop down and enter a name for the new list in the "Create a New List" field.

From the Shopping Cart

In the shopping car there is an "Add All to List" button. Clicking this button will display the "Add to List" pop-up form referenced above.

Shopping cart buttons screen shot

From the List Detail Page

  1. Click the "Add Items" button (#9 in the List Details section above).
  2. The "Add Items" form is displayed:
  3. Begin typing a product code, auto-suggest will begin finding products
    My Lists Add Item enter product screen shot
  4. Enter the product
  5. Select the Unit of Measure (U/M)
  6. Click the "Add to List" button

Upload from a Spreadsheet

  1. Click the "Add Items" button (#9 in the List Details section above).
  2. In the bottom right of the "Add Items" form is a link to "Upload Items" - click the link
    My Lists Upload Items link screen shot
  3. This will display the "Upload Items To List" from
    Upload items to list form screen shot
  4. Use the "Upload Template" link to download the Microsoft Excel upload template.
  5. Open the upload template.
  6. Add product codes in column A and quantities in column B. If there are other columns, they can be deleted
    upload file screen shot
  7. Save or "Save As" to save the changes you have made to the file
  8. Click the "Browse" button to navigate to the file you just saved and select the file
    browse to file screen shot
  9. If you left the column headers in the file, make sure to check the "First row is column headers" check box.
    first row column headers screen shot
  10. Click the "Upload Items to List" button.
  11. The upload process will parse the file, looking for products based on the values in column A. Note that these values MUST be Granite Group primary product codes. At this time the process does not accept alternate codes or customer codes. If there are errors in the file, they will be displayed and you will have the option to continue of cancel.
    My List products upload products not found message screen shot
    You can cancel, edit the file and try again or continue the upload and add the missing products manually. 
    If all the products in the file are found a pop will display the results
    My List upload products success screen shot

Sharing Lists

When you create a list, it is private to you as a user. You have the ability to share your list with others or give access to others to your list. What's the difference?

  • Sharing a list: When you share a list you are essentially creating a copy of your list and sending a link to the copy to someone else by email. When that person clicks the link they see the copy of the list and have the option to save the list to their own list IF they have a login. Without a login the list cannot be saved and will not and cannot show price or availability.
  • Allow Others to View or Edit: You can give others direct access to your list allowing them to view only or edit the list. You can give access to everyone in your company or to specific people via email.

How to share a list:

  1. Access the list you wish to share. 
  2. Click the "Share" button at the top of the page
    My List share button screen shot
  3. On the "Share List" popup, select "Send copy" and click the "Next" button.
    My List share list popup screen shot
  4. Complete the information on the "Send A Copy" form and click the "Send" button.
    My List Send A Copy form screen shot
  5. The recipient will receive an email with a link to a copy of your list:
    My List share email inbox screen shot
  6. The message and link to the shared list is in the body of the email.
    My Lists share email body screen shot
  7. Clicking the link will give the user access to the copy of the list. Note: If the user is not signed in they will not see price, availability or be able to save the list.

How to give access to a list

To give view or edit access directly to your list:

  1. Access the list you wish to share. 
  2. Click the "Share" button at the top of the page
    My List share button screen shot
  3. Select the "Allow others to view or edit this list" option and click the "Next" button
    My List allow other access screen shot
  4. On the 
    My List Allow Other To Access List form screen shot
    1. Chose the option to "Share list" to send a link to your list to a specific person. This option will follow the same steps as Sharing a List accept instead of creating a copy it will provide a link to your list
    2. "Make list available to all users on teh billing account" will give access to your list to everyone who is assigned to your company.
    3. "Allow editing?"
      1. Yes - will allow the people you allowed access to from the first two steps above to edit your list
      2. No - will allow access as view only

Pre-built Lists

We see a lot of common lists out there so we have created the "The Product List Library" and shared some of the most common lists for you. All you need to do is click on the shared list link and then save the list to your own. Please, let us know of any list ideas you have and we will add them to the library.