FWAS24 Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Pump Dry Well Storm Water Leaching System
  • Item Storm Water Leaching System
  • Type Round
  • Size 24" Diameter x 28-3/4" Height
  • Material Polyolefin
  • Used On Item Sump Pump
  • Capacity 49 Gallon
  • Color Black
  • Includes (3) Side Panels, (1) Top Component
  • Optional Accessories Surface Drain Inlet, 4" Pipe Coupling, 4" Schedule 40 Pipe, 4" Schedule 40 Perforated Pipe
  • Application Gutters and Downspouts, Low Grade Areas, Pool Backwash Tank
  • Weight 25.15 Lb
  • Packaging Quantity 1 per Carton
Discharge Water Into the Subsoil Rapidly and Easily; No Need for Piping Systems to Transport Storm Water to a Far-Off Point, Large Heavy Equipment, Considerable Excavation of Current Landscape Areas or Large Labor Costs that Those Systems Incur; Structural Foam Polyolefin with UV Inhibitors; Flo-Well Systems Should be Placed at Least 10' from a Structure or Foundation; 18 to 1-1/2" Knockout Leaching Ports and 3 to 4-1/2" Knockout Inlet/Outlet Ports Per Panel; Fit's 4" Schedule 40 Pipe and 4" DWV Pipe