00120-80A1 Delavan 1.20 80 Degree A Hollow Oil Burner Nozzle

DEL1.2080A MFG #: 00120-80A1
  • Description
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  • Specifications
  • Oil Burner Nozzle
  • Type A, Hollow Cone
  • Applicable Standard ISO 9001
  • Material Brass Body, Steel Orifice Disc
  • Flow Rate 1.2 GPH
  • Pressure Rating 100 PSI
  • Temperature Rating 80 Deg F
  • Application Residential
  • Spray Angle 80 Degree
  • Filter Type Sintered
The All-New Delavan Protek Nozzle System Provides the First Step into the Future of Clean Air Technology: The Delavan Protek Nozzle System has Proven Extremely Effective in the Efficient Delivery of Fuel Oil in Home Heating Systems; This Unique, Patented System from Delavan Provides Significant Reductions in Combustion Pollutants for Cleaner Air: The Protek Nozzle System Includes a Factory-Installed, One-Piece Valve Component Which Reduces Smoke and Oil Smell in the off Cycle by Preventing Oil After- Drip from the Nozzle; Also, the Reduction of Smoke (Carbon and Soot) Helps Maintain Burner Set Up Efficiency Longer and Extend the Time Period Between Appliance Clean Ups; In stallation is Fast and Easy; There's No Need to Increase Pump Supply Pressure at Installation Because There's No Pressure Drop; Plus, Protek Nozzle Systems Maintain the Same Flow Pattern and Flow Rating Characteristics ff Comparably Rated Delavan Nozzles