FPGH16 MFG #: GH16
  • Description
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  • Specifications
  • Sealant
  • Type Mineral Spirit, Copolymer, Hydrocarbon Resin
  • Container Type Brush Top Can
  • Container Capacity 1 Pint
  • Color Black
  • Setting Time Depending on Conditions Upto 8 Hour, Dries in 4 Hour
  • Pressure Rating 5000 PSI Gas, 10000 PSI Liquid
  • Temperature Rating -50 to 450 Deg F
  • Application Epoxy Type Fiberglass Pipe
  • Flash Point 105 Deg F
  • Warranty 1 Year Shelf Life
Soft Setting, Black Sealant Works where Conventional Thread Sealants Fail; Excellent Performance with Systems Handling 100 Percent Methanol, Ethanol, Alcohol and Ideal for Concentrated or Dilute Acids and Caustic Alkali, Compressed Air, Aromatic Solvents, Glycol/Water Solutions, Coal Tar, Naphtha, Cutting Oils, Ethylene Glycol, Gasoline and Ketones; Not for Use on Ethanol Blended Gasoline; (Less than 100 Percent Ethanol); Not for Use on Plastic Pipe or Oxygen; Use on Thoroughly Clean, Dry Threads; Can be Used on Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Black Pipe, Tin, Galvanized Pipe, ABS Plastic, CPVC, Plastic, Nylon, PVC, Polyethylene and More; Test on Plastic Pipe before Using; Contains No Lead, is Non-Toxic, Not a Skin Sensitizer and is Non-Corrosive; 1 Year Shelf Life Warranty