GM85144-KP1-QS Kohler Power PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module (APM) For 14RESA(L) 20 RESA(L) 20RESB 20RESC And RESD Generators

KOHGM85144KP1QS MFG #: GM85144-KP1-QS
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  • Generator Automatic Paralleling Module
  • Item Automatic Paralleling Module
  • Size 18.3" Width x 8.2" Depth x 32.6" Height
  • Operating Temperature -20 to 70 Deg C
Automatically Synchronizes Two Generator Sets; Provides Redundancy if One Generator Set Requires Service or Even Fails, the Other Generator Set is Still Available to Provide Power to Your Critical Electronics; Smart Generator Management Runs One Generator Set When Power Requirements are Low and Automatically Starts, Synchronizes and Connects the Second Generator Set when the Load Increases; NEMA 3R Aluminum Enclosure for Indoor/Outdoor Installation; Automatic Paralleling Requires Two Model 14RESA/20RESA Generator Sets with the RDC2 Controller, One RXT Automatic Transfer and One Automatic Paralleling Module; Compatible with RXT Automatic Transfer Switch, Load Control Module, Programmable Interface Module and OnCue