103118093 2" X 1000' Magnetic Tape Yellow

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Marking Tape
  • Type Detectable
  • Width 2 Inch
  • Overall Length 1000 Foot
  • Thickness 5 Mil (0.35 Mil Aluminum Foil, 3.75 Mil Polyethylene, 0.80 Mil Polypropylene)
  • Material Aluminum Foil, Polyethylene, Polypropylene
  • Message Caution Buried Gas Line Below
  • Tape Color Yellow
  • Message Color Black
  • Depth 6 to 9 Inch
  • Applicable Standard ASTM D2103-08, ASTM D882-09, ASTM D2578-08, ASTM D792-08, ASTM D671-93
  • Application Gas, Water, Sewer, Telecommunication, and Electrical Markets
Reverse Printed Polypropylene Structure Acid, Alkali, Chemical, and Oil Resistant, Detectable Marking Tape is Used for Detecting, Locating, Identifying, and Protecting Buried Utility Lines for Gas, Water, Sewer, Telecommunication, and Electrical Markets; The Width of Tape Used, is Determined by the Size Of, and Depth at which the Underground Utility Line is Buried; The Depth at which Detectable Tape is Buried, is Determined by the Width of the Tape Used; Aluminum Core is Detected Through Means of Inductive Locating; Line is Located and Marked after Inductive Locating is Performed; Utility Type is Identified by Both the Apwa Color-Code and Utility Legend Printed on the Marking Tape