30ml Nylog Blue Gasket & Thread Sealant

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  • Gasket and Thread Sealant
  • Type Liquid, Synthetic Refrigeration Oil
  • Container Capacity 30 Milliliter
  • Color Blue
  • Temperature Rating 370 Deg F
  • Application HFC System, Gasket, O-Rings, Saddle Taps, Shaft Seals Or Schrader Valve, Coating Of Pistons, Cylinders, Rods
  • Applicable Standard OSHA, ASHRAE STD 97, NSF H2 119845
  • Lead-Free
  • Odor Slight Petroleum
  • Boiling Point 450 Deg F
  • Flash Point 280 Deg F
  • Density 0.8 to 1 Gram per Cubic Centimeter
Nylog Blue is Viscoelastic Liquid Derived from Synthetic Refrigeration Oil; Non-Hardening, Non-Drying Fluid which Bond Tenaciously onto Many Different Substrates; The Product will Not Cause any System Restrictions, Fouling or Failure; Use as a Sealant to Prevent High Pressure Leakage; Use as an Assembly Lubricant; Lead-Free