EN6-50-DOLBS State 50 Gallon 6 Year Lowboy Electric Water Heater

  • Description
  • Documents
  • Specifications
  • Residential Electric Water Heater
  • Type Lowboy
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection 3/4 Inch Male Threaded x 3/4 Inch Male Threaded
  • Relief Valve Details T and P Relief Valve Supplied
  • Number of Elements 2
  • Power Rating of Elements 4500 Watt
  • Input Supply Rating 240 Volt
  • Tank Dimensions 26-1/2 Inch Diameter x 34 Inch Height
  • Tank Material Glass Coated
  • Tank Capacity 50 Gallon
  • Tank Warranty 6 Year Limited
  • GPH Recovery 21 GPH at 90 Deg F
  • Drain Valve Details Brass
  • Insulation Details Non-CFC Foam
  • Energy Saver Conformance Yes
  • Inclusions/Features Insulation Blanket, Self Cleaning Dip Tube, Coregard Stainless Steel Anode Rod, Screwdriver Slot (Valve)
  • Applicable Standard UL, CSA
  • Pressure Rating 150 PSI
  • Uniform Energy Factor 0.93
  • NAECA Compliant
Enhanced Heating Element; Self Cleaning Dip Tube Help Reduce Lime and Sediment Buildup, Maximize Hot Water Output, Made from Long Lasting PEX Cross Linked Polymer; Eco-Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation, Heat Trap and Other Feature Combine to Yield a Higher Energy Factor that Maximize Saving on Operating Cost; Provide Superior Corrosion Resistance Compared to Industry Standard Glass Lining; Our Residential Water Heater have a Solid Brass, Tamper Resistant, Enhanced-Flow, Ball Type, Drain Valve; Energy Star Rated